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Chronic shoulder stiffness, back pain and numbness in the arms and legs may be due to damage to peripheral nerves, which can be compressed by stiff muscles.
HERBITA S combines mecobalamin and folic acid, an active vitamin B12 involved in repairing peripheral nerves and flusultiamine, a derivative of vitamin B1, natural vitamin E and vitamin B6, prevents the accumulation of fatigue substances causes muscular coli. Therefore, it relieves stiff shoulders, lower back pain, numbness in hands and feet and eye strain.
Reduce the following symptoms: Nerve, muscle aches, joint pain (back pain, stiff shoulders, fifty shoulders, etc.), numbness of hands and feet, eye strain
Direction: Adults (15 years and older), take 1 capsule each time, 3 times a day. Serve with water or hot water after meals.
Warning: Not recommended for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. This product is not a medicine & ineffective medicine. Store at room temperature, cool place and keep away from children.
Manufactured JAPAN
Import & Export : ELI JAPAN, USA
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NECK PAIN & SPINE RELIEF Thuốc Trị Đau Vai, Gáy & Cột Sống x 75


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